Does the term "truck cap" sound funny or unusual to you? Truck caps are referred to by several regional names, including canopy, cover, topper and camper shell. They all mean the same thing - Protection For Your Cargo.

Every truck cap offers protection against the weather, and several improvements in design give most truck owners something they need while adding to their trucks style.
Truck Caps are constructed of four basic materials: aluminum, steel, polymer, and fiberglass. In each material are inherent benefits and concessions.

Aluminum caps are lightweight and inexpensive, but must use straight design lines. Standard models offer several colors in a pebble grained finish to coordinate with your truck.

Steel caps are about twice as heavy as aluminum, while the sheet is half as thick. These are more durable than aluminum, since they have a higher tensile strength.

Polymer caps are lightweight and tough. Flexibility is built into these caps, and allows them absorb impacts and still retain their shape and finish. 

Fiberglass caps offer the most style and design options of any material. Because of their manufacturing process, fiberglass caps can match your trucks aerodynamic lines. An endless variety of shapes and heights lets you choose the finishing touch for your truck's style.

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